- studied from 1990 - 1993 at Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Australia majoring in violin with second instrument jazz violin.

- in 1999 received Graduate Diploma of Education from University of New England, receiving highest grade in the teaching subject "Music".

- published article in "Journal for the Talented and Gifted" in Australia.

- violinist and backing-vocalist in the Australian Folk-Rock-Band Popproperly toured between 1997 and 2004 throughout Europa. With hundreds of performances - from Open-Air-Mega-Events to Unplugged-gigs in small stages in Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland und Germany - Sue presented herself as passionate performer, that grabs the audience by the ears and takes them on a musical adventure reflecting her own dedication and devotion to music.

- lived in Germany from 2000 to 2021.

- taught as a String Class teacher at Freien Musikschule in Rodgau, Musikschule Dietzenbach and the Heinrich-Böll-Schule in Rodgau

- works as a freelance violinist and nyckelharpist, also collaborating with other musicians and artists, such as Sonja Kraushofer, Persephone, Goethes Erben, Janus, Wolf Schubert-K und Markus Rill.

- teaches Instrumental Music - Strings for Department of Education Queensland at the Gold Coast

- has played nyckelharpa, a medieval / Swedish instrument since 2010 and performs regularly with a guitarist and bassist. Her two CDs, "in the light of the moon" and "Embroidered Threads" are for this instrument.

- was chosen in 2013 to take part in a European Union Project, ENCORE. The project was made up of 21 nyckelharpa players from all over Europe. Compositions were composed especially for this ensemble, which were intensively rehearsed for a week in Italy, culminating in a concert in the Cathedral of Bertinoro. This was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk.

- translated Playing the Nyckelharpa by Jule Bauer and Tamburello by Katharina Dustmann from German to English.

- performed for children in kindergartens and primary schools with her Concert: Sue's Super Singalong!


Music groups

Carousel (rockband)               1992-1993

Spice (rockband)                     1993-1997

Natives of Bedlam (rockband)   1993-1995

Popproperly (rockband)            1996-2000

Aroha (folk duo)                      2001-2020

Lilith                                       2004-2007

Can-Gurus                               2006-2020

Goethes Erben                        2013-2015

Persephone                             2015-2021

Janus                                       2015, 2017



Spirit, Philip & Carousel                 1993

Keep off the Grass, Natives of Bedlam 1994

Sleeptalking, Spice                        1996

Assorted Flavours, Popproperly       1997

Faint Blue Glow, Popproperly           1998

Black & White Rainbow, Popproperly 1999

Rückkehr ins Niemandsland, Goethes Erben     2014

In the light of the moon, Sue Ferrers  2015

Ein Aufstand alter Männer, Janus       2015

Menschenstille, Goethes Erben           2016

Embroidered Threads, Sue Ferrers & Steffen Huther 2017

Free Spirit, Wolf Schubert-K.               2017

Perle, Persephone                               2018

Soul Bullet, Robert Overbeck               2018





Saturday 1st April 7:30pm


Mt Nebo Hall

with Evan Clarry, guitar and Bob Harley, double bass



Sunday 23rd April 6:00pm


with Evan Clarry, guitar and Bob Harley, double bass

and special guests, Emma Nixon & Rebecca Karlen